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Believer. Thinker. Innovator. Mold & Statistic Breaker. Husband. Father. I don’t fit into your box…

Developing professionally since 2010 and hacking ecommerce websites together since 2005.


I provide technology solutions for churches, small businesses and individuals with a smile. I am a geek of many traits and likes, having a technology history dating back to the Atari 2600.


It’s an honor to know the work that I do spreads the message of the Gospel.  Let’s chop it up about the Gospel, Church Audio, Video and Presentation software.

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Christopher R. Hendricks


Pensacola, Fl, USA

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(678) 379-7551


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My Professional skills


I participated as a board member, teacher and mentor for Coder Dojo Pensacola / Coder Dojo Emerald Coast nonprofits to plan and promote teaching kids to program with the executive team at the UWF Innovation Institute.


I successfully completed a freelance contract as a technical project manager for the 2016 Inc. 5000 company, Pay Sell Systems.


As a software developer, I am currently the lead developer and primary custodian for the AppRiver Back Office Customer Management System. This system performs CRM functionality for our customers as well as Service and Product Management.